MG Chemicals 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Spray Bottle – 475ml


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  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Ideal For Electronics
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Product Description

The Isopropyl Alcohol 70/30 is an electronics cleaner. The liquid is fully miscible with water and a large variety of organic solvents, making it good at dissolving dirt, dust, greases, and light organic contaminants. It is quick drying relative to water and leaves no residue. As it dries, it gives off a light alcohol odor, which is not bothersome and serves as a cue to limit over-exposure due to poor ventilation.

Since it is safe for paints, metals, and plastics, the spray is widely used to clean a variety of electronic equipment and peripherals. Another use is to wash off harsh organic solvents like acetone that might damage the substrate surface.


  • Dissolves light oils and residues on electronic devices and equipment
  • A pure IPA, CARB compliant solution
  • Moderate evaporation rate
  • Effective flux remover
  • Food safe – Registered with NSF for use in and around food processing establishments
  • 475 ML Bottle