We Keep Communities Protected

We are Sanituf powered by L&L Global, and we are here to help.

An immense change has taken place in our world. It is a reality where PPE equipment and sanitizing equipment are vital to the health of your family, community, and front-line workers.

Shutdowns and global panic have led to a shortage in the very supplies that we rely on for our survival. With disruptions in global supply chains, the Canadian and Provincial governments have urged private enterprises, such as our own, to shift our focus to providing the public with these much-needed provisions. We needed no further incentive as we saw our family members and neighbours struggling to get something as simple as hand sanitizer from stores that were completely sold out. We needed no further incentive as we saw that even our brave front-line workers did not have access to the equipment they needed to save their own lives, while working so diligently to save others.

With over a decade of experience in distribution and procurement, as well as the team, network, and resources available – we knew we could do something to help aid in the major gaps in the current supply chain.

Sanituf’s mission is simple, we’re using all our resources to make sure every person, family and business has access to essential health supplies, while prioritizing our brave and selfless front-line workers.

Offering nationwide shipping and same day delivery options in the GTA. Every Canadian should have the ability to protect themselves, their family and loved ones. We’re doing everything in our power to make sure of that. We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. We’re here for you!